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Tanga is a Tanzania's second largest seaport; Tanga is a good stop over if you are enroute. You can make a day trip to either Amboni caves, The Ras Kazone Peninsula and Jamhuri park, which overlooks harbor and Totem Island where by the local fishermen can take you there by paying a small fee.

The town located on the Tanzania's East Coast; is the country's chief northern seaport and is close to Pemba Island, Pangani, Amani Nature Reserve, Mkomazi Game Reserve and Amboni caves, where the caves are just 8 km from town center off the main road between Tanga and Horohoro. The underground caves are estimated to extend over 234 kms.

Pangani Coast:
Pangani is situated about 50 km south of Tanga, in northeastern Tanzania,once the home of Arab slave trade,set on a lovely estuary of the Pangani River.Pangani is also the name of the administrative district.

Pangani has been a coastal settlement for a long time. The town has several historical sites that remind us of the past Arabic influence followed by the German and British colonial eras in what become Mainland Tanzania.

To do:

Cultural & Historical Tours:
Guided walks lead to historical monuments of Pangani. The Tours include visits to the original slave depots and slave market, the freedom grounds, old German graves, ancient mosques and traditional houses.

Boat Tours:
Boat tours are mostly offered in the afternoon or early evening in the River Pangani. Hippos and crocodiles acn be spotted at certain areas of the river and the tour includes meeting the local fishermen.

Agricultural Tours:
Guides lead visitors to various agricultural projects in the area, including coconut-processing at Kikokwe and to sisal estates and factories. Hindodropha German botanist planted the first sisal seedlings in 1892.

Beach Tour:
There are many water-sport in Pangani including sport fishing and swimming and snorkelling with the sea turtles. Dolphins at Maziwe Island, Hippo pools, green turtles at Madete and the saadani National Park to the south.

ACCESS: Pangani lies south of Tanga town along the coast of the Indian Ocean. There are two roads to get to Pangani: by taking the 44 km road from Muheza on the highway to Tanga or by driving from Tanga 53 km. Everyday there are almost five or six buses departing daily from Tanga to Pangani from the main bus stand in Tanga.

Amboni Caves:
About 8 km north of Tanga; these ten limestone caves formed during the Jurassic age some 150 millions years ago, these are the most extensive cave system in East Africa.

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To do:

  • Cultural & Historical Tours
  • Boat Tours
  • Agricultural Tours
  • Beach Tour
  • Amboni Caves


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