Marve (T) Holidays is a 5 year Moshi, Tanzania based tours and Safari Company, which has created a strong presence in the tours and safari vertical, with our path breaking services and continue to strive for utmost customer satisfaction.

As a land of untamed wilderness, spectacular landscapes, incredible wildlife and dramatic natural contrast, Tanzania is a dream holiday destination unlike any other. From the endless stretches of the Rift Valley and The splendor of snow-capped Kilimanjaro, the coral reefs of Indian Ocean and abundance of wildlife in Great Serengeti National Park, there is plenty to see and experiences in this magnificent country. Tanzania remains a refreshingly untouched destination providing an authentic and unique safari experience whether it's an overland camping safari or a tailor-made safari of your own design visiting all the

Marve Means Let’s Go in the Maasai Language

Our Team
We have highly trained and dedicated staff who will serve you with delightful hospitality. Experienced, English-speaking tour guides with the deepest knowledge of this wonderful country, will not only share that knowledge with you, but also ensure that your safari is a truly memorable one.